Gross salary healthcare solution delivered by CityFys A/S

Welcome to your Health Promotion Gross Salary Scheme at
Estée Lauder Companies A/S, Vallensbæk

This information- and booking website is for you who has bought treatment tickets via Estée Lauder’s Health Promotion Gross Salary Scheme.

The purpose of our healthcare solution is to increase the well-being and the level of health at your workplace.
The massage is based upon the classic physiotherapeutic massage therapy, which is relaxing and with deep massage grips.
Our massage is characterised by going deep into the muscular tissue, as well as being highly effective. During all treatments we will be in close dialogue with you to ensure a pleasant experience of relaxing and deep massage grips.


General information

Ticket card

The first time you login!

Opening hours
Please find the exact treatment dates and time tables when you log in.

Treatment room
Room 3.33 on the 3th floor.

Guidelines for booking:

  • Cancellation within 24 hours prior to your appointment – hereafter your ticket   will be locked
  • At no-shows your tickets will be withdrawn
You pay with your ticket card when you book appointments in the booking system.

We recommend you to use your tickets on a regular basis since available appointments can be difficult to find at the end of the gross salary period, due to high consumption of tickets.

  • 1 ticket = 30 min. treatment

Terms for ticket card

  • Tickets which have not been used will not be transferred to the next period.
  • The validity of the ticket card can be found once you log in.
  1. Please click on “book appointment”
  2. Whether you are a new user or an existing user, please use your work-email address (or the email address you have been using in the old booking system) to login.
  3. The first time you login, you will recieve a password in your mail inbox, which you will use to login (this can be changed in your settings once you login).
CityFys Support

What can the practitioner do for you?

Contact person

Are you experiencing issues with your
Please do not hesitate to contact us:
Phone: 50 57 12 72
Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00 

  • Information about the body’s function
  • Make your muscles and joints relax
  • Treat injuries for excessive load
  • Stretch out muscles and sinew
Human Resources:
Phone: 36 39 44 00
Not a part of this Health Promotion Gross Salary Scheme?

If you wish to join this health promotion gross salary scheme, you can get more information by contacting the contact person.

The information on the contact person can be found above to your right.


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